Universal Business School designs induction program with access to CEOs


(Source:ANI) With an aim to provide a fruitful environment to its students to grow in life, Universal Business School recently designed one of the most comprehensive induction programs with the help of global CEOs.

The program was set for the students with a view to get them to engage debate, challenge and learn from business leaders and ignite their minds towards the world of business.

The program involved an interactive session with over 35 CEOs, industry experts and business leaders in Week 1, followed by a Symposium with 20 CEOs and business leaders, where they were guided about emerging trends in management by industry’s top professionals

Some highlights –

– Some of the top professionals like C. Tolia, (CEO, Tata Power), Prem Singh (President-HR, Workhardt), Anuj Gandhi (CEO, Reliance Play), Priyedarshi (AVP, Reliance Jio), M. Motiwala (Founder, Interiors Info), S. Deshpandey (Global Comm. Head CIPLA), S. Srinivasan (CEO, Erudite Solutions),Anil Paraskar (SP, Maharashtra Police), (CEO, SBICAP Trustee Co. Ltd.) and others spoke at theinduction programme.

– Annual Symposium with Chief Guest Mr.Anurag Batra, Editor in Chief, Business World and Business Leaders like Ms.Madhavi Lall (MD, Deutsche Bank), Sadashiv Naik (CEO, Future Group), Rajendra Kulkarni (Head-HR, Bajaj Auto), Pramod Sant (Head-Operations, Siemens), Yugesh Gautam (President, Global HR, LUPIN), Irfan Tamboli (National Head, Indusind Bank) and many more.

– UBS Pentathlon Tournament, in which the students participated in Football, Table Tennis,50 metres sprint, Standing Jump, Basketball, Pool and Badminton.

– Talent Parade, Awards and much awaited Fresher’s Party.

– Case Study competitions, Roadies Competition, Dean’s Digital Challenge and Industry Research competitions

– Students were also taken on a trek to Dhak Waterfall guided by experienced mountaineers.

According to Gurdip Singh Anand, Chairman, Universal Business School, “Our Institution has always worked to transform the lives of our students and provide the industry with ethical global leaders for the 21st century, who are sensitive towards protecting are passionate about making significant societal contributions.”

According to Tarun Anand, Founder, Universal Business School, “This year we designed a 10-day comprehensive Induction program which ensured that our students meet the business world leaders, get wonderful insights and stay inspired. They competed with their heart, mind and soul and enjoyed nature at its very best with Karjat in the rains.”

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