Would like to write, read and sleep: Ruskin Bond at 83

ruskin bond


  • Author Ruskin Bond has his future chalked out – he wants to write more, read more and sleep more.

    Over 500 short stories, novellas, essays and an autobiography later, Bond – at 83 – stresses that there is a lot more to be written.

    The bucket list of the much-loved children’s author is topped with a desire to pen more children’s stories and “gory” crime thrillers.

    “Everybody wants another children’s book. I’d like to do some good gory crime stories, something of everything. That way you don’t get bored, moving from one genre to the other,” he told PTI.

    However, the Landour-based writer, who recently launched his autobiography “Lone Fox Dancing” here, doesn’t like to write under pressure.

    “I have accumulated publishers over the years and now they are all after me – ‘Mr Bond, you owe us a book.’ I am feeling a bit overworked. I don’t like writing under pressure,” he says.

    “So I will make them wait,” Bond chuckles. Having spoken on several occasions about his love for reading, it is not surprising that he wishes to read more books – not the latest bestsellers but his favourite authors.

    “I have read thousands of books, but there are so many that I still haven’t read. And I am not talking of the latest bestsellers, I am talking about the books that I have missed over the years by the writers I like,” he says.

    He writes in  his memoirs about his fondness for authors such as Agatha Christie, P G Wodehouse, Charles Dickens, Somerset Maugham, George Bernard Shaw, Jerome K Jerome and Mark Twain.

    He may have read two or three books of a particular author, but now wants to read more of the writer’s works.

    “I like reading and good writing,” he says.

    Poke him a little further, and he adds that he loves a good nap, too.

    “I enjoy sleeping – I always have,” he says simply.

    Bond adds that he is a man who is easily pleased – “not a difficult person; I don’t think so anyway”.

    By and large, Bond believes he has lived a life without regrets.

    But looking back on his life

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