Ananya Birla features on the cover of The Teenager Magazine


Young Business Icon, Ananya Birla, daughter of Kumar and Neerja Birla is no less than a superstar. She was recently featured on the cover of The Teenager Magazine’s June edition.
Her inspirational story led her to being featured in The Teenager Magazine, and students think she looks amazing on the cover. Her motivational life story has influenced many young students to pursue their dreams.
Though her surname could get her anywhere, Ananya Birla doesn’t wish to fall back on it and instead is building her own legacy.
At 22, Ananya is many things; intelligent, passionate, with a sharp entrepreneurial mind, and forging her way into a music career, a dream she nursed while studying at college. Ananya is determined to rise above the pack, follow her heart and make a difference. 

In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, she said, “I worked with DJ Afrojack on my single Livin’ The Life and it was an amazing experience. He is very picky about the songs that he remixes so when he took my song, it was an achievement for me. I am the first Indian to sign with PM::AM Records. I am going to create an international platform for India in terms of the English music scene because we have so much undetected talent in our country.”
An artist, an entrepreneur and an agent of social change, Ananya Birla is building an empire for each. She is a young woman juggling her corporate and creative pursuits. Whether starting at 17 or winning big at 22, she has the power to succeed in her genes.

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