Managing energy effectively


The importance of effective environmental and energy management is a Global imperative for which we all have a responsibility to our future generations.

Faced with rising energy prices, inefficient energy practices and fragmented information across the organization, how do managers take action to identify opportunities for energy efficiency savings?

“We firmly believe in the saying ‘What gets measured gets managed’ and by focusing exclusively on Energy Management as a discipline we are able to help companies across industries make informed decisions about their energy usage that delivers a visible impact to the bottom line,” says Sunil N Kanal, chief technology officer and director (energy management specialist) at Magenta.

MAGENTA was founded on the principle that optimization of energy consumption in buildings will significantly contribute to the renewal of Global “Clean Energy” future. “Our goal is to deliver greater value for the use of energy throughout the entire life of the building. We help you manage your Facility, in real-time confidently, securely and greener TM. We focus on Corporate, Industrial and Government sectors,” says Kanal.

On asking him why he selected ‘environment’ as his domain, he says, “Having worked in new construction projects involving offices, hotels, education institutions, malls, mixed-used buildings for 20 years, I could see the wastage of electrical energy and water by owners, tenants etc. This prompted me to think about bringing awareness within the human community. I decided to contribute towards saving our planet for future generations to come.”

Sunil N Kanal’s journey wasn’t an easy one. “My journey has been very challenging in terms of education and bringing awareness. Energy and water has been considered to be a commodity because it is easily and abundantly available and has no value, whatsoever. It has taken a lot of effort to educate and convince people for behavioral changes to reduce the consumption of energy. Today, with government and media support, awareness has increased. But still a lot remains to be done,” he shares.

Kanal’s primary focus is the development of competitive solution architectures for clients in making their facilities more energy efficient and sustainable. He is a senior professional Electronics & Communication Engineer, with 34 years of technical and project management experience gained in a variety of industrial sectors including Hospitality, Education, Sports complexes and Health Care.

On asking him what keeps him going, he says, “Helping clients in reducing their operational monthly expenses and improving their bottom line not only makes them happy but provides a sustainable business environment that helps businesses grow.”

He concludes, “My passion has kept me motivated so far. I strongly feel we should keep our immediate surroundings clean as much as our own house.”

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