Romancing your career – A book on work experiences in the corporate world 

shabnam asthana.png

An interesting book, “Romancing Your Career’, authored by Shabnam Asthana, was recently launched in Pune.

The book was unveiled by Chief Guest, Padmashri  Lila Poonawalla in the august presence of Guest of Honour, Shubhra Misra, popular MJ, VK Sud and several eminent personalities. Poonawalla lauded the author, Shabnam Asthana,  at her initiative to bring this book to a vast spectrum of readers, reiterating that it would be truly a very informative and motivating book to ponder over.

Shubhra Misra held the audiences’ attention, as she read out some excerpts from the book. This book introduces readers to some of the important facets of the corporate world, with easily identifiable characters who they will laugh with, cry with, pity, despise and even get inspired by. These are people of their nine-to-five world and an integral part of their daily interaction at the workplace.

“Your profession is a storehouse of immense learning, provided you are in a receptive mode. It provides you with ample opportunities and springboards to catapult to success. It also comes with its fair share of volatile situations, and it is for you to provide the safety switch of maturity and experience to prevent any short circuits,” Asthana says.

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